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The Wizard of AS (thetics) Presents | THE DREAM | THE NIGHTMARE

IT GOES SOMETHING LIKE THIS. SLEEP BECKONS: “I'm a doctor/dentist/nurse. I worked hard at school, studied for my degree, and slogged in the NHS for years

Wizard of Oz Slipper



“I’m a doctor/dentist/nurse. I worked hard at school, studied for my degree, and slogged in the NHS for years…. It’s been an amazing ride, but now I’ve earned my stripes, time to change my focus……Medical Aesthetics it’s not rocket science. What can possibly go wrong? … easier life” 😴


I have a fabulous office, a great receptionist, and lots of wonderful, glamorous not to mention wealthy clients, my diary is full for months in advance. And of course, I’m famous…. traveling the world as a KOL… First Class Travel, 5* Spas. Theatres are full to capacity just to hear how Aesthetics made me wealthy, famous and unbelievably unbearable, I mean knowledgeable….. Applause please…. 👏


I’m ready to kickstart my new career in Medical Aesthetics…… Where do I start? The whole business is unregulated, so many training companies, how do I know which ones are well established, led by experienced practitioners that will help and advise me as I take this massive step? There are Foundation Courses and Advanced Courses, Masterclasses. 1-day courses, 2 days..3 days…. 3 months… I work in the NHS as a doctor/dentist/nurse I did 2 weeks study in dermatology during training and now the websites tell me to train in skin care, lasers, skin peels…. VAMPIRE FACE LIFTS…..mesotherapy…. Let’s not get started on Vaginal rejuvenation….🙈…and the list goes on…. I have contacted training companies, sent numerous emails…. They asked about my consultation skills. “It’s not the NHS”…. she said… “You have to find out what the client wants versus what they need, manage expectations, concerns and complaints. OH, and are you good at photography”? You must have the before, in-between and the after photographs…. for every client”. “Well I’ve got a Smartphone… will that do”? NO Apparently!


Had I thought of marketing, websites, social media? Where geographically do I want my new clinic? In the city/town, street front, within a spa, work from home, full-time part-time. Whats my Budget, set up costs, who will be my suppliers, my insurance providers?


Before you start knocking the heels of your ruby slippers together, close your eyes and say “there’s no place like the NHS”

A short guide from the Wizard of AS(thetics)
  1. The world of aesthetics is huge and varied. Botox, dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation is the best starting point.
  1. A 1-day course should be viewed as a TASTER DAY. Not a license to set up business. Get a feel for the treatments. Ensure the training company provides models, not mannequins. Part of your day is the interaction with people who will be similar to your future clients, as well as the trainers. Great injectors enjoy the fruits of their expertise, and the happiness it brings to clients, while respecting what can go wrong and the damage they can cause without extensive and ongoing training.
  1. When booking your training courses, check out the credentials of the person/people who will train you…. ALERT: This may not be the person whose photograph and Bio is on the website.
  1. Have in mind what you want to achieve, once you become a proficient practitioner. Is it mobile e.g. renting space in a salon, would you like to be employed by one of the bigger clinics/groups of clinics, or would you like to own your own practice? If you have a clear vision of your career path you will ask the correct questions and employ the standard of mentorship and assistance required to ensure a smooth crossover into your new career in Medical Aesthetics and the Scarecrow and the Tin Man, however harmless haven’t turned your dreams into a nightmare.
  1. Then there’s that easily found fame…. There’s a lot of excellent media driven Medical Practitioners out there. Expensive PR companies may help, hours spent creating a social media image will be a great advantage, however, the time you give to building relationships with suppliers, attending conferences, ongoing training and keeping up with services, products, and medical devices new to the aesthetics industry is vital…. Chances are there will be a lot of time spent on Ryanair and in budget hotels, sitting on the back row of conference theatres enroute to “living the dream” The good news is, with a clear vision of where you want to be, it should be a great journey with no more nightmares!



Sonia Amerigo has many years experience in the Aesthetics Industry. During that time she has gained experience in Business Development, Clinic Management, Key Account Management and more recently becoming part of a highly motivated team of doctors who provide Medical Aesthetic Training, were the emphasis is placed on providing both the theoretical and practical requirements within a 12-week Fellowship Diploma, thus ensuring well trained, experienced Medical Practitioners are introduced into the Aesthetic Industry.