Making Aesthetics Easy

Our experienced aesthetic course trainers make complicated treatments easy to understand and practice safely for any medical professional regardless of background

95% of Trainees Practicing

Our Botox courses, paired with extensive after-training support, enable over 95% of participants to start injecting within three months.

Real Patients Training

We work from dedicated aesthetic course clinics with multiple actual patients for each trainee.  We do not conduct extensive group courses in hotel boardrooms with model patients.

Small Group Training

All our botox and dermal filler training courses are held in small groups 1:2 or 1:3 trainer-to-trainee ratio.

Best Dermal Filler & Botox Courses

Our cosmetic training is held in Harley Street, London W1G9PF

Foundation Botox and Dermal Fillers Courses Icon

Aesthetic Courses For Beginners

This combined foundation botox and dermal fillers course cover the necessities required for daily clinic practice, whether starting or refreshing skills. Our small group aesthetic training (4:1) provides unparalleled mentorship on any of our aesthetic training days.

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Lip Masterclass Icon

Lip Filler Courses

Our lip fillers course focuses on perioral enhancement and rejuvenation, integrating both Botox and Dermal filler techniques, designed to suit both beginners and advanced participants.

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Skin Peel & Cosmeceuticals Course Icon

Skin Rejuvenation Course

Teaching 3 skin procedures embellishing facial rejuvenation skills essential to any aesthetic training programme.

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PDO Thread Training Icon

PDO Thread Training

The PDO thread course enables the practitioners to Lift the sagging skin of the face while stimulating collagen synthesis in the long term.

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Nose Masterclass Icon

Nose Filler Masterclass

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty, learn to correct irregularities and asymmetries, build nasal bridges and small noses. Advanced aesthetic training is suitable for confident, experienced injectors.

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Chin and Jawline Masterclass Icon

Chin & Jawline Dermal Filler Course

Once the basics have been mastered, this course will enhance any practise, embellishing facial rejuvenation skills.

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Testimonials from our Aesthetic Training (Dermal Filler & Botox Courses) Delegates

Launching Your Career in Aesthetic Medicine: A Guide

We provide an extensive selection of cosmetic training courses, covering everything from skin care to Botox and dermal fillers, available from beginner to advanced levels. Our aesthetic training courses can be tailored to suit your existing experience.


Beginner (Dermal Fillers & Botox Courses)

Confident in treating the common areas of the upper face with Botox and administering dermal fillers for lip general volumisation or hydration. Time taken from consultation to treatment end should be 30 minutes for Botox and 45 minutes for lip or nasolabial fold treatments.


Intermediate Level Aesthetic Practitioner

Confident use of a cannula for dermal fillers. The time taken from consultation to treatment end should be 15 minutes for Botox and 30 minutes for lip or NLF treatment. All movements during treatment are purposeful and swift.  Consider our FACE combined aesthetic training course.


Advanced Level Aesthetic Injector (Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine)

Master facial anatomy and refine precise, intentional hand movements for treatments: 10 minutes for Botox, 20 minutes for dermal fillers. Enhance your skill in skin analysis and treatment planning through the FAM method. Finish your FAM training to become a skilled trainer for initial and intermediate Botox courses, earning an HSI certificate.


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