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The aesthetics world can be a daunting move. We will acquaint you with the exciting current possibilities from foundation to advanced level techniques.

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Course Dates & Venues

We have a variety of cosmetic courses on offer throughout the year based in Harley Street, London. Additional tailor-made, bespoke training is available upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From research to emerging treatments, aesthetics present many career development opportunities. Find out who we train and more about us.

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Why Choose Aesthetics

This field has something for everyone. Whether you are a neurologist, surgeon or a dentist you can incorporate elements of Aesthetics in your practice easily.

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Cosmetic Courses by

Harley Street Institute Doctors

The foundation of the Harley Street Institute in London was in response to the demand for quality hands-on certified aesthetic courses that guide professionals through a supportive, mentored based learning curve. Botox courses are a popular starting point in medical aesthetics.

We are proud to be the first training institute in the UK to provide a Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM). FAM is a unique programme where passive training during observation sessions intertwined with 1-1 for 24 days over three months leading to intermediate-expert status in injectables & skin rejuvenation. We do not do Level 7s as most of our training is mentorship & practical skills based on live models/patients. Learn more on FAM

Coming soon – Our signature programme. A 1 month, 1-1 Internship programme with Dr Ahmed Haq focusing on developing advanced injection & facial artistry skills.

Most Popular Cosmetic Courses

Our cosmetic courses are held at Harley Street, London & Derby within a clinic environment.

Foundation Botox and Dermal Fillers Course Icon

Foundation Botox & Dermal Fillers

This combined course covers the necessities required for daily clinic practise, whether starting starting out or refreshing skills.

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Lip Masterclass Icon

Lip Masterclass

Specialised lip training to enhance volume, reduce asymmetry, lessen peri-oral lines, create a pout and plump the vermillion border.

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Skin Peel & Cosmeceuticals Course Icon

Skin Peel & Cosmeceuticals

Once the basics have been mastered, this course will enhance any practise, embellishing facial rejuvenation skills.

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PDO Thread Training Icon

PDO Thread Training

The PDO thread course enables the practitioners to Lift the sagging skin of the face while stimulating collagen synthesis in the long term.

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Nose Masterclass Icon

Nose Masterclass

Correct small irregularities and asymmetries, build up bridges and smaller noses. Advanced filler use for confident injectors.

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Chin and Jawline Masterclass Icon

Chin & Jaw Masterclass

Once the basics have been mastered, this course will enhance any practise, embellishing facial rejuvenation skills.

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Pathway To Start Your Career In Aesthetic Medicine

We offer wide range of professional aesthetic courses designed by our trained, qualified and experienced faculty.


Basic Level

Confident treating the common three areas of upper face with b.toxin, and administering filler for lip general volumisation or hydration. Time taken from consultation to treatment end should be 30 minutes for b.toxin and 45 minutes for lip or NLF treatment.


Intermediate Level

Confident use of a cannula, on top of basic skills. Time taken from consultation to treatment end should be 15 minutes for b.toxin and 30 minutes for lip or NLF treatment. All movements during treatment are purposeful and swift.


Advanced Level (Fellowship)

Full knowledge of whole face anatomy. Level of hand skill: all movements purposeful and sleek. Time taken from consultation to treatment end should be 10 minutes for b.toxin and 20 minutes for any filler treatment.

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Training Videos

Non-surgical nose job for Asian-Oriental Patients

Still the most popular injectable treatment in the U.K. and here are the most common areas treated.

Testimonials from our Training Delegates

"Really enjoyed the course and we had an excellent teacher, really looking forward to beginning in the world of aesthetics and when I'm able I will definitely be back for the advanced course."

Review Icon

Carla Hunter

"The training was fantastic, I have practiced the skills I learned on the day and have had good results! It was also great to be able to stay and observe Dr. Haq with his clients. I will definitely be recommending the course to my colleagues! Thank you for being so welcoming and helpful."

star icon

Dr Jessica Prior

"Having completed my full aesthetics fellowship with the Harley street institute, I feel confident and able to provide my patients with the best of care with the most up to date methods in a safe and controlled format. This bespoke program allowed me to grow with a speed I was comfortable with, and most importantly, made me feel safe to perform. I had the invaluable opportunity to observe, learn and apply in a direct manner under the careful supervision of highly experienced aestheticians on a one on one basis. This is the perfect program to improve and learn new skills to kickstart your career in the aesthetics world."

Customer Review icon

Dr. Etemad-Shahidi

"I have been on the fellowship programme with the Harley Street Institute for the past 6 months under the mentorship of Dr Haq. The programme has been extremely invaluable in augmenting my confidence, skills and knowledge in aesthetics medicine. Dr Haq has made the process thoroughly enjoyable by explaining things in an easily digestible manner through a variety of teaching methods including seminars, live demonstrations and most valuable of all, observed practice on clients. I feel thoroughly supported by the whole team at Harley Street Institute and can approach them with any questions I may have."

star icon

Dr. Rahul Shah

"A truly excellent course in a superb location with very small class size and an opportunity for thorough hands on experience.

The course leader had a great approach to teaching, guiding me as a student through a refresher in facial anatomy, a quick yet comprehensive review of the pharmacology of Botulin toxin, and then onto very useful tips and tricks for my own practice.

I was initially quite apprehensive regarding dermal fillers, but I left with a new confidence and a desire to get started as soon as possible.

I couldn't recommend this course highly enough for anyone who wants to get started in this extremely exciting market; you will leave with the skills and confidence to set you apart from the rest of the field."

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Dr. Niall Graham

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