Chin & Jaw Masterclass

Harley Street Institute

Chin & Jaw Sculpting Training – Masterclass

Programme Outline

Programme Objectives:

Botulinum Toxin

  • Consultation & Assessment (Anatomy & Facial Mapping, Aging Skin, Wrinkle Assessment, Multidisciplinary Plan For Anti-Aging)
  • Injection Techniques : “Basic & Some Advanced Techniques”
    Glabella (frown), Forehead, Crows Feet (periorbital), Bunny Lines, Chin, Eye Brow Lift, Oral Commissures, Hyperhidrosis (Underarms Excessive Sweating)
  •  Storage/reconstitution for various brands available (Azzalure / Botox / Vistabel / Dysport / Xeomin / Bocouture

“We Teach You How To Use All Major Brands Of Botulinum Toxins”

  • Contraindications
  • Marketing guidelines for Botox / Vistabel / Dysport /Azzalure
  • Techniques to balance facial features
  • The difference between hyper-functional and dynamic wrinkles
  • Combining treatments of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers
  • Price structuring techniques
  • Establish client expectations
  • Medical malpractice
  • Marketing Botulinum Toxin – what you can and can not do to effectively market Botulinum Toxin

Dermal Fillers

  • Introduction to fillers & various types of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
  • What can be achieved with fillers?
  • Who needs a filler & where?
  • Procedures & Various Injection Methods
  • Practical issues
  • After care and follow-up
  • Problems and solutions

The topics covered will include:

Facial Corrective & Enhancement Treatments

  • Reduce lines around the mouth (Perioral lines and Oral Commissures)
  • Reduce lines running from base of the nose to the corner of mouth (Nasolabial Folds)
  • Reduce frown and forehead lines & how to combine this safely with Botox treatments
  • Reduce other facial wrinkles and restore facial volume
  • Create an enhanced natural lip border
  • Produce a lip pout, volume upper and lower lips

Who should attend?

  • Surgeons and Trainee surgeons
  • Doctors / GPs
  • Dentists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Dermatologists / Plastic Surgeons

This course is ideal for practitioners with over 1 year’s experience in aesthetics. We are happy for individuals to bring models they feel are suitable for practical sessions.

Not only Harley Street Academy will train you as a successful aesthetic practitioner and business professional, but also just after completion of our training programme you will be eligible for our free follow-up mentoring services.

Chin Concerns & Jaw Reduction in Aesthetic Practice

Program Objectives

Advanced Chin Treatments

Facial Anatomy and Aesthetic Considerations

Treatments Available for Chin Concerns

  • Botulinum Toxin; Vistable, Botox, Bocouture, Xeomin, Azzalure, Dysport
  • Dermal Fillers suitable
  • Combination Treatments

Consultation and Assessment

  • Examine Natural Lower Facial Shape – Chin and Jawline
  • Note any Chin Puckering and Mental Creases.
  • Treatment Goals; Establish Realistic Expectations
  • Contraindications
  • Side Effects and Possible Complications

Treatment Indications and Injection Techniques

  • Puckered or Cobblestone Chin
  • Mental Crease
  • Depressed corners of the mouth
  • Marionette lines
  • Recessed Chin and Augmentation

Maximising Results with Combination Treatments

  • Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin

Aftercare and Follow Up

Dealing with Complications and Solutions

TMJ, Bruxism and Jaw Reduction

Facial Anatomy

  • Masseters, Facial Nerves and Vessels
  • Facial Mapping

Aesthetic Ideals

  • Culture Trends, Demographics

Masseter Hypertrophy

  • TMJ & Bruxism – Presentation, Symptoms & Conventional Treatments

Recap of Botulinum Toxin

  • Toxins Available; Vistabel, Botox, Azzalure, Dysport, Bocouture, Xeomin
  • Reconstitution and Storage

Consultation and Assessment

  • Facial Assessment
  • Contraindications
  • Preprocedure Checklist

Treatment Areas, Injection Techniques and Complications

  • Pre- and Post-Procedure Photographs
  • Masseter Injection Procedure

Aftercare and Follow Up Appointments

Problems and Solutions

Marketing Strategies and Pricing

Who Should Attend?

• Surgeons and Trainee Surgeons
• Doctors / GPs
• Dentists
• Registered Nurses
• Dermatologists / Plastic Surgeons

Previous training and at least 6 months experience using botulinum toxin and dermal fillers is highly recommended before attending this course. Training can be adapted to encompass any specific difficulties and complications that have been encountered. It is possible to invite own models that are felt to be good examples to use for practical chin or jaw reduction training.

Harley Street Institute will train you not only as a successful aesthetic practitioner but as a business professional. After each course there will be free access to our follow-up mentoring services.


Cost of the Course

Course Fees
Chin and Jaw Reduction Masterclass £1000 Plus VAT

Next Course Dates

Date Status
22nd January 2018 Contact Us
12th February 2018 Contact Us
15th March 2018 Contact Us


Carla Hunter

Really enjoyed the course and we had an excellent teacher, really looking forward to beginning in the world of aesthetics and when I'm able I will definitely be back for the advanced course.

Carla Hunter

Absolutely brilliant. Loved small class size and the fact it wasn’t rushed. V approachable trainer, felt confident to ask questions. Brilliant teacher. Can’t wait to come back and observe for a day.

Dr. Niall Graham

A truly excellent course in a superb location with very small class size and an opportunity for thorough hands on experience. The course leader had a great approach to teaching, guiding me as a student through a refresher in facial anatomy, a quick yet comprehensive review of the pharmacology of Botulin toxin, and then onto very useful tips and tricks for my own practice. I was initially quite apprehensive regarding dermal fillers, but I left with a new confidence and a desire to get started as soon as possible. I couldn't recommend this course highly enough for anyone who wants to get started in this extremely exciting market; you will leave with the skills and confidence to set you apart from the rest of the field.

Dr. Niall Graham

Dr Jessica Prior

The training was fantastic, I have practiced the skills I learned on the day and have had good results! It was also great to be able to stay and observe Dr. Haq with his clients. I will definitely be recommending the course to my colleagues! Thank you for being so welcoming and helpful.

Dr. Jessica Prior

Dr. Amy Bibby

I completed the Foundation Botox and Dermal Fillers Course at Harley Street Institute.  The two days were run very professionally and I came away feeling completely confident in my own practice. The first day was more theory based with some practical and the second day all practical. This meant that I got to see first-hand exactly how an expert doctor performed botox and fillers, this was invaluable to me. They also helped me with opening an account at a pharmacy and my insurance, 2 things I really didn’t have time to research myself.  I highly recommend this course.

Dr. Amy Bibby

Dr. Etemad-Shahidi

Having completed my full aesthetics fellowship with the Harley street institute, I feel confident and able to provide my patients with the best of care with the most up to date methods in a safe and controlled format. This bespoke program allowed me to grow with a speed I was comfortable with, and most importantly, made me feel safe to perform. I had the invaluable opportunity to observe, learn and apply in a direct manner under the careful supervision of highly experienced aestheticians on a one on one basis. This is the perfect program to improve and learn new skills to kickstart your career in the aesthetics world.

Dr. Etemad-Shahidi

Dr. Rahul Shah

I have been on the fellowship programme with the Harley Street Institute for the past 6 months under the mentorship of Dr Haq. The programme has been extremely invaluable in augmenting my confidence, skills and knowledge in aesthetics medicine. Dr Haq has made the process thoroughly enjoyable by explaining things in an easily digestible manner through a variety of teaching methods including seminars, live demonstrations and most valuable of all, observed practice on clients. I feel thoroughly supported by the whole team at Harley Street Institute and can approach them with any questions I may have.

Dr. Rahul Shah

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