Cheeks Filler Training – Masterclass

Cheek Augmentation / Midface Volume Masterclass:

This cheek augmentation / Midface Volume Masterclass is suitable for those who have completed and are confident in basic Botox and Dermal Filler techniques, including the confident use of a cannula. Restoration of the Midface can help to achieve harmonisation in facial proportions and restore the distributional changes in the cheek fat compartments that contribute to the distinct morphology of the ageing face. Hence, it is essential to have a good understanding and appreciation for the multi-factorial causes of ageing at the different levels of the face. Holistic care is always encouraged in facial aesthetics and dermal fillers in combination with PDO threads is a nice approach in helping to lift and tighten the skin in the Midface.

Course Information:

The theory will cover a comprehensive level of anatomy, consultation and examination, anaesthesia, facial mapping, techniques and learning how to manage complications. You will also be taught how to assess the client from a holistic approach to achieve optimal results tailored to each client.

Practical Information:

The hands-on practical will be supervised by one of our expert aesthetic trainers. For each model that you see, you will be observed, critiqued and actively taught during the entire consultation and patient treatment procedure.


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Course Summary

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Non-surgical Cheek
Augmentation Masterclass

Practical Day

  • Mid-Face Masterclass
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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Criterion For Enrolment Onto This Course?

We recommend that you have completed a Foundation course in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers and have spent some time working within the industry to ensure that you are competent in the basics of needle work.

Which Brand Of Filler Is Used In This Training Session??

Teosyal RHA 4 and/or Teosyal Ultra Deep.

Who Should Attend?

Previous training and at least 6 months experience using dermal fillers is highly recommended before attending this course. It is also beneficial, but not essential, to have some experience with cannula techniques. Training can be adapted to encompass any specific difficulties and complications that have been encountered. It is possible to invite own models that are felt to be good examples to use for practical cheek augmentation training.

On successful completion of your training, you will be provided with a certificate of attendance and complimentary support pack. We will train you not only as a successful aesthetic practitioner but also as a business professional. After each course, you will be eligible to sign up for our free follow-up mentoring service.

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I chose this Fellowship because it focuses on hand-experience. I wanted to become totally confident in the practical application of The principals of aesthetics. Being integrated into fully working aesthetic clinic with close clinical mentorship over 3 months certainly allowed me to achieve this.

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