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Our utmost priority is to provide our visitors with the exceptional and ultimate experience and we strive day and night to be successful in this regard. We make use of cookies to improve the visitor’s experience on our website. In this policy, we have covered the use of cookies, what it can and what you can do about it.

Basic introduction to cookies

What basically the cookies are? In fact, these are small code segments. Cookies are sort of harmless files, usually in text file format, which is automatically downloaded on your device i.e. computer or any other device, when you visit any website. These files basically establish the device purpose.

Purpose of cookies

There are a few reasons for which we or other website owners make use of cookies. Some of them are the following:

  • To keep track of browsing habits on our website.
  • To keep track of page visited as well as the visitors on our website.
  • To keep track of our visitors i.e. you came to visit us.

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Cookie Management

As defined above, the basic purpose of cookie utilization on websites is to boost the visitor experience. But, if you don’t want to accept the cookies on websites, no matter what, you can always block them easily.

There are a few simple steps you need to follow to block them. Open your browser’s setting and look if it accepts cookies or not. You will find a cookie management option in the “Privacy” section of your browser setting. However, the things may be a little bit different for different browsers but these are usually similar. Either you want to block some or all cookies, you can easily block them.

The cookies we utilize

Following are brief details to cookies we use on our website and reasons for using them:


You can expect us to perform targeted adverts for purpose of promoting our services on Instagram and Facebook. In this regard, our websites have enabled facebook cookies so that we could locate and successfully target the admissible segments of every individual and assure these adverts efficacy.
A few Facebook features may also be integrated into our website to read or place cookies, which are the following:

  • Facebook share feature
  • Facebook like feature
  • Facebook social graph

For data policy of Facebook, Click here.
For further information on facebook cookies, Click here.

Facebook Pixel

For the purpose of exhibiting interest-based marketing advertisement to our customers from our company, we make use of some facebook technologies and facebook pixel is one of them. We collect certain data via this technology and with this collected data, we can upgrade our website’s effectiveness as well as marketing efforts. If you need to learn more about Facebook advertising and setting management or opt-out facebook advertising, you can visit


When you create an account on Twitter or login to your account, twitter cookies are stored on your computer or any other device you use in order to keep you logged in to your account, whenever you visit again. One thing which is important to mention here is that we don’t get any of your data collected nor twitter sent that to us.

The following features of Twitter may be integrated on our brand’s website and may place or read the cookies:

  • Account log in of twitter
  • Twitter share

For Twitter’s privacy policy, please Click here.


Feeds from Instagram are usually embedded by us. We make use of cookies, pixels, local storage, and some other similar technologies so that we could be enable ourselves to show you some sort of relevant content. Moreover, all of this information may be utilized for the better understanding in order to get better with our services and products.

For more information, please visit this link:

YouTube and Google

Several features of Google and YouTube may also be integrated into our website to place/read cookies, some of them are the following:

  • YouTube video player
  • YouTube Log in
  • Google+1 button
  • Google log in

For further information on the Google privacy policy, please Click here. These policies also apply to YouTube as well.


Pinterest let you organize and share everything you love on the web. Generally, people make use of pinboards to search for cosmetic and beauty tips etc.

For any more details, please visit:

Google Analytics

When it comes to Google analytics, we utilize several cookies in this regard. In this way, we can better analyze traffic on our website to find out areas that need improvement.

If you are looking for more details on Google Analytics cookies, please click here.

Google Adwords

When it comes to Google Adwords, we utilize cookies in this regard too. It let us analyze the performance of our paid links on search results. For more details on Google Adwords cookies, please click here.

Social Network Cookies

Several features from third party websites may also be integrated, especially from social networking websites. These features may also place or read cookies.

These social network cookies enable personalized advertisements so that we could make it more relevant to you. Being only operator, we don’t have access to these cookies or data collected via them. However, we will surely do all this with your consent only.

For any sort of more information on how we utilize your collected data, you can visit our privacy policy. Out data protection officer will always be there to answer your queries regarding this. You can always ask any query about our privacy policy and how we handle the data collected from our website’s cookies. Please contact data protection officer at [email protected]


Or write to:
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