Building Confidence in Lip Filler Techniques: A Masterclass

Key Lip Injection Skills

Lips are the most dynamic of all structures on the face complicated by a network of neuro-vascular supply, mucosa, and underlying musculature. Lip fillers can be a daunting treatment for new as well as experienced practitioners. Hence, our lip filler courses focus on developing injections skills that can undertake any size & shape of lips. Essential skills taught include learning the functional anatomy, assessing possible options and injecting the right density of filler for the particular lips safely.

Lip Filler Course

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This Lip Filler Course is a masterclass suitable for those who have completed a Foundation Dermal Filler Course (ours or any recognised) and seek more hands-on. We train many popular techniques using a needle, cannula, and 4mm needle.

Course Information

The theory in our lip filler courses will cover a general level of lip anatomy, consultation and examination, facial mapping, injection techniques, and learning how to manage complications, including the use of hyalase. Hyalase is used to dissolve dermal fillers and often used for lumps that may form.

Advanced peri-oral anti-ageing techniques

The lip filler courses also cover advanced peri-oral anti-ageing techniques which necessary to balance surrounding features of a rejuvenated lip.

The hands-on practical session will develop a proper injection technique with minimal punctures to the lip and side effects

Lip Filler Training Summary

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Boost Your Lip Injection Skills

Lip Filler Courses: Cannula & Needle Combined Instructions

Lip Filler Training: Practical Day Agenda

  • Introduction & Recap With Trainer
  • Assessing Lip Types
  • Hands-On Training On Multiple Cases
  • Preventing & Treating Complications
Lip filler training

Course Overview

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Lip Anatomy & Biophysical Changes:

  • Lip Anatomy
  • Ageing Lip Issues
  • Lip Hydration
  • Ideal Lip Proportions
  • Various Types
  • Complicated Lips (e.g. Thin Elastic Lips)

Anaesthesia and Maintaining Patient Comfort:

  • Topical
  • Injection/Block/Within Fillers
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Consultation and Assessment:

  • Examine Natural Shape
  • Note Irregularities and Asymmetries
  • Treatment Goals & Establish Realistic Expectations
  • Contraindications
  • Side Effects and Possible Complications
  • Choosing the Right Hyaluronic Acid Filler
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Treatment Areas and Injection Techniques:

  • Lip Border Injection Indication
  • Lip Body Volumisation
  • Cupid’s Bow Definition
  • Philtrum Ridge Enhancement
  • Creating A Lip Pout
  • Treating Upper Lip Wrinkles
  • Lifting Sad Lip Corners
  • Various Shaping Options

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How much experience is required to attend the lip fillers course?

Any level of practitioner can attend as our individually tailored. New injectors will benefit from a safe foundation in lip fillers, whereas experienced ones will pick up advanced techniques and practices. Most practitioners tend to be ones who have completed the Botox and dermal filler courses but require extra confidence for treating lips.

Who can inject lip fillers?

In the UK, medical practitioners such as nurses, doctors & dentists are suitable professionals that we teach on our lip filler courses. We do not train beauty therapists or any other NVQ holders.

Will I get hands-on training on lips?

Yes. Most of the time spent during the lip filler courses practical training. Each candidate will have their dedicated models under supervision.

How much are the lip filler training courses?

Our masterclasses start from £1190

What support is available after the course?

Like all of our courses, there is on-going support by email, phone & text.

Which brand of filler is used in this training session?

Teosyal RHA 2 / 3.

Which techniques are taught?

Needle work will form the basis of the lip masterclass, but you will also be introduced to use cannula and the revolutionary 4mm needle.

Who Should Attend?

Previous training and at least 6 months experience using botulinum toxin and dermal fillers is highly recommended before attending this course. Training can be adapted to encompass any specific difficulties and complications that have been encountered. It is possible to invite own Models that are felt to be good examples to use for practical Chin Or Jaw Reduction Training.

On successful completion of your training, you will be provided with a certificate of attendance and complimentary support pack. We will train you not only as a successful aesthetic practitioner but as a business professional. After each course, you will also be eligible to sign up for our free follow-up mentoring service.

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I chose this Fellowship because it focuses on hand-experience. I wanted to become totally confident in the practical application of The principals of aesthetics. Being integrated into fully working aesthetic clinic with close clinical mentorship over 3 months certainly allowed me to achieve this.

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