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How to Incorporate Polynucleotides into Your Practice?

It’s an exciting time to be in aesthetic medicine—a field where new, exciting advancements pop up every few months. Ideally, incorporating these new developments, whether they […]

How Pharmacists Can Be Top Aesthetic Injectors? Opportunities & Training

The global aesthetics market is booming, valued at £11.7 billion and growing at an annual rate of 17%. Pharmacists tap into this expanding market by entering […]

Precision Perfection: The Role of Hands-On Learning in Aesthetic Medicine

Industry leaders and celebrity cosmetic injectors believe that learning in Aesthetic Medicine should be about more than memorisation. It is not just about relying only on […]

Beyond the Classroom: 4 Steps After Your Basic Botox And Fillers Course

Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishment in completing your foundation course! This is only the start of an exciting journey filled with opportunities for further education and […]


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