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Can nurses do botox and filler courses? What qualification is required to become an aesthetic practitioner? What are my career options? Read on below to help clear those misunderstandings and start your journey as an Aesthetic practitioner!

Working in clinics.

After completing our Foundation Botox and Filler Course, you are already set up to start your journey in Aesthetic Medicine. Working without a prescribing qualification is possible would require working in conjunction with a prescriber as Botox is prescription only. For those who would like to gain some practical experience prior to working independently and setting up their own practice, finding work in clinics is the preferred option as it provides support in the beginning period of your specialty.

You should aim to seek work in clinics and with practitioners that have prescribers that consult and prescribe for patients. Essentially, you will be working under them as they would also be responsible for clinical evaluation and management of any issues following the procedure.

Working with a Prescriber.

A prescriber can be a doctor, dentist or a prescribing nurse or pharmacist. It is possible you already know a qualified prescriber you can work with. However, if this is not the case, we would be able to link you up with a prescriber local to your area as soon as you have completed our Foundation Botox and Dermal filler training course.

It is very important to understand that although you would be administering the botox, the prescriber is ultimately the person who is responsible for the treatment and therefore the outcomes. Choosing a prescriber requires not just trust, but also confidence that they are appropriately trained and experienced in the knowledge of botox themselves.

Qualify for the V300 Course to prescribe yourself.

Working independently is also an option but requires you to be a prescriber yourself. This may be preferred for those looking to set up a practice for example. The course is available in several universities in the UK and would take an average of 6 months to complete. However, you would need to have practiced as a registered nurse for a minimum of three years to qualify.

Becoming a prescriber will allow you more independence. However, it would be recommended to undertake the Foundation Botox and Filler course prior to making the commitment (time wise and financially!) to such a demanding course.

Why Train In The Aesthetic Field?

It is well-known that the private sector pays well. The income of an aesthetic nurse significantly exceeds that of an NHS nurse. The financial prospects of an aesthetic practice is lucrative; aesthetic nurses can potentially double their current salaries by administering Botox and other fillers regularly.

A career in cosmetic medicine gives you the flexibility to be independent and work the hours and schedule that works best for your lifestyle.

As a nurse, you already have an edge in terms of aesthetics. You will be familiar with anatomy, how to interact with patients, and how to deal with patient problems. Most training courses at HSI may be completed in a weekend, with as much hands on experience as possible and as much ongoing support as needed.

A career in cosmetic medicine allows you to interact with patients on a one-to-one basis. The flexibility of the work allows you to better understand your patients and have continuity and follow-through as they visit you every 3-6 months.

As a nurse, you may feel short on time with patients. However, when you perform aesthetic treatments, you will discover that you may establish longer and stronger relationships with patients. As your patients return for repeat treatments, you will have a higher level of job satisfaction since you will be making them feel and look their best!

Cosmetic procedures are elective and patient satisfaction levels are high. Therefore, if you want to see happy, content patients, then you should definitely train yourself in aesthetic medicine.

Why Choose Harley Street Institute

We’re a group of professionals, highly skilled cosmetic and plastic surgeons who provide quality and CPD certified aesthetic training and courses.

Our trainers are industry leaders and passionate about what they do.

Your training experience will not be based on theory alone but also on hands-on learning to make you more confident.

We will advise you even
after you graduate

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need advice on new procedures, products or your career. Our dedicated tutors are true mentors who support practitioners before, during and after training is complete.

Meets Government Regulations

In 2016, the government released the requirements for the doctors delivering non-surgical procedures. Our training has been designed to meet these requirements and keeps in mind all future regulations. You won’t have to retrain yourself if the industry is regulated again.

Practical Experience

Our training is completely hands-on and simulates the clinical environment with real models for you to practice with. The training will prepare you for your real practice and will also help teach you how to build a career for yourself. Hence, you will also become confident and ready to handle any unforeseen situation with ease.


Training at Harley Street Institute provides the best value and opportunity for the aesthetic practitioners of tomorrow. Moreover, our experts train you at the newest and highest standards as per the expectations of the aesthetic industry.

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