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Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine

Mastering Injectables & Skin Rejuvenation

The Fellowship Diploma in Medical Aesthetics is provided by the Harley Street Institute for eligible medical professionals (Doctors, Dentists & Nurse & Pharmacist Prescribers).   Throughout the Fellowship, participants will acquire expertise in injecting botox in all facial areas and using a needle & cannula for dermal fillers in different skin and subcutaneous layers to address volume loss in specific regions.

Comprehensive Mentorship For Success In Aesthetics

The mentorship offered during the Fellowship Diploma in Medical Aesthetics provides participants with comprehensive guidance on various aspects of running a successful medical aesthetics practice. This includes developing a business plan, creating a marketing strategy, understanding pricing dynamics, and learning digital marketing concepts, from social media to search engine optimization. By the end of the program, participants will have acquired a thorough understanding of the business side of the industry, empowering them to establish a successful practice with confidence.

Beyond Injectables: Clinical Skincare In The Fellowship

In addition to injectables, the Fellowship Diploma in Medical Aesthetics also emphasizes the importance of clinical skincare. Participants will learn how to recommend the right cosmeceuticals for different skin types, perform skin peels, micro-needling, and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments. The program also includes in-depth discussions on how to implement hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin, and anti-aging treatments, ensuring participants acquire a comprehensive understanding of clinical skincare.

Latest Trends and Techniques

The Harley Street Institute is uniquely positioned to offer access to the latest products and technologies in the medical aesthetics industry. As a result, our students will form valuable connections with these companies and individuals, which will be a valuable asset throughout their careers.

Quality Training

Programme exceeds guidelines by HEE (Health Education England) ensuring complete practical and procedural training.  Our theoretical and practical courses are CPD and insurance approved.

Superior Exposure

The Fellowship offers participants the chance to receive mentorship from highly skilled cosmetic practitioners who specialise in cutting-edge and complex aesthetic treatments.

Confidence & Competence

Master a varied number of procedures to an advanced level. Learn theory, consultation methods and manage client expectations as well as complications.

Inside Secrets

We provide you with practical and useful practice building tips and tricks from the people who have authority in the field and have deep insight.

Fellowship Programme Roadmap

The Roadmap to Success in Aesthetic Medicine – Download

Programme Summary

Our Fellows In Action

Jin Jawline Master Class

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Aesthetic Medicine Fellowship

The core principles that will be covered are described below.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Training


  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Skin Peels
  • Microneedling
  • PRP


  • Facial Slimming
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Lower Facelifting
facial assesment


    • Advanced Injection Skills
    • Facial Beautification Techniques
    • Balancing Profile
    • Ethnic Treatment Issues
    • Management Of Complicaitons


  • Advanced Lip Contouring
  • Mid-Face Cheek Volumisation
  • Chin and Jawline
  • Tear Trough and Periorbital Rejuvenation
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
  • Combination Multi-Facial Treatments


  • Upper Face: Frown, Forehead, Crows’ Feet
dermal filler training session


  • Chin Puckering, Nasal Bunny Lines, Droopy Lip Corners
  • Microtoxing Techniques
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Jaw Reduction & Face Slimming
  • Nefertiti Facelift


  • Basic Skills (Mid-Deep Dermis Injection)
  • Lip & Peri-Oral Rejuvenation
  • Facial Lines, Wrinkles & Folds
  • Superficial Layer Hydration

Useful Advice Incorporated in Programme

Legal aspects Icon

Legal Aspects of Practice

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Psychological Assessments

complaints Icon

Managing Complaints

appraisal guidance icon

Appraisal Guidance and Advice

doctor icon

Setting Up a Practice

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Marketing and Advertising Guidelines

log book icon

Log Book of Cases

assignments icon

Reading Assignments

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Weekly Written Assignments

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Duration Of The Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine (FAM)?

The duration of the Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine is 6-8 weeks. Normally, attendance is 1 day a week on a 1-2-1 practical training basis, plus group workshops every other weekend alongside your peers studying the Fellowship within the same enrolment period.

What Experience In Medical Aesthetics Is Required To Qualify For A Place On The Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine Certificate? (FAM)?

The Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine is suitable for delegates who have completed Foundation Training in Aesthetics, that are highly motivated to expedite their skills and experience within the industry. It is also suitable for those who have been working within the industry but would like to tackle more advanced techniques and improve their confidence.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For The Certificate In Aesthetic Medicine?

Our training courses are available to Doctors, Dentists and Nurses.

What Will I Learn On The Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine Certificate?

This is a unique training programme, aimed to escalate practitioner skills to an advanced level, with intense mentorship by experts who are passionate in delivering the best evidence-based teaching methods to date. The Fellowship has been designed with a holistic approach in mind, providing a strong foundation in the principles of Medical Aesthetics from skin, hyperkinetic lines, volume loss and early sagging skin to advanced facial contouring and knowledge of cos-medical treatments such as hyperhidrosis, bruxism and migraines. Additionally, we have constructed modular weekend workshops, where the Fellows come together, and have found this method of integrated learning to be both enjoyable and informative.

In order to make the most of your training, you are strongly encouraged to self-direct your learning using the resources from our online portal as well as further reading. Regular assessments and feedback sessions ensure that the mentorship and support that we provide is tailored specifically on an individual basis.

Unlike many other training programs, you will be integrated as part of the team during your stay, observing a range of treatments on our busy day clinics and required to assist and learn on the job as you would in a real clinic. We believe that this level of exposure, further to your training, is fundamental in obtaining a realistic insight into the business aspects of Aesthetic Medicine.

Can You Find Me Employment After Completing The Training?

We will guide you in the right direction. It is important to do some basic research beforehand so you have a sense of direction of where you would like to work, as aesthetics can be practiced in a wide range of settings ranging from spas, GP/medical to dental clinics. We are very proud to say that all of our certificate and fellowship candidates have successfully found work placements (or established clinics) post training.

What Kind Of Certificate Will I Receive On Completion Of Training?

The Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine (FAM) is composed of training certificates endorsed by Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance in the above mentioned modules.

Will There Be Pre-Course Learning Modules And Assignments & Research / Thesis?

Yes, you will be given access to the online learning modules and assignments for your own self-directed learning.

Is There Ongoing Mentorship After The Fellowship?

Yes, HSI will always help and advise you when necessary. You will be part of a network of our current staff, previous fellows and main distributors. You will be introduced during the fellowship and after to key industry personnel to help you grow your career in the direction you wish. We hope you take advantage and leverage our industry contact & connections.

Is The Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine Only Available In London?

Presently yes.

I’m In Full-Time Employment Can I Fit The Training Around My Work?

Definitely. We understand training to further your career must fit around your work and home commitments. The Fellowship requires one day a week and a weekend day for workshop every other weekend. The exact dates will be confirmed 1 month prior to commencement. Usually, the pattern has been either a Thursday or Friday with alternate weekend workshops.

Does The Training Include Lasers?

The Fellowship certificate does not include lasers. It is possible to add laser modules, at an additional cost.

Are You Level 7 Accredited?

No, as we have our own standards for training in medical aesthetics that emphasis more on practical mentorship. We have had fellows joining us following completion in level 7 courses seeking further hands-on training.

Do You Have Finance Assistance Available?

Not at present

Can I Pay In Installments?

Yes; 25% deposit will secure your place. The remainder must be paid at least 1 month before your Fellowship commences ***(if there is any outstanding balance 1 month prior to your start date, your place will be cancelled and any payments made will not be refunded).

Are There Any Future Business Opportunities?

Partnership opportunities are something we would discuss on an individual basis and we are keen to train fellows who can help with mutual growth. Our business development manager will be happy to speak with you.

What Is The Cost Of The Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine?

£14,400 + VAT.

For enquiries from abroad (Outside UK & Republic Of Ireland)

Is A Student Visa/Working Visa Necessary?

Not always. Please check your requirements.

Can You Arrange Accommodation?

We will guide you to short term lettings agents and local hotels within easy reach.

I Am Not A Member Of The GMC Can I Inject At Your Clinic?

Yes, you can inject during training only.

What Documents Do You Require?

A copy of your passport, CV, medical qualifications and proof of registration with the medical professional body of your country & 2 references.

Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine

Testimonials from our Training Delegates

More Reasons to Train at The Harley Street Institute

First in UK

Our fellowship programme in Aesthetic Medicine is one of its kind in the whole of the UK.

Training Standards

We are committed to the highest training standards in cosmetology and aesthetics.

THEE Standards

We take seriously and adhere to the requirements of Health Education England (HEE) of 2015 and 2016 in regard to the non-surgical cosmetic procedure training.

Quality Services & Safety

We set standards that go beyond those advocated by the regulatory bodies in the cosmetic industry. This leads to unmatched quality services & safety for clients who seek practitioners that have trained with us.

Dedicated Professionals

We only work with dedicated professionals who love teaching. This is important in an industry where regulations are not as strict as in say mainstream medical service provision.

Progress Assessments

As a trainee, you will enjoy interactive sessions with your trainers who will keep a complete record of your progress assessments and submissions.

If your desire is to become a highly trained and skilled cosmetic medicine practitioner that meets global aesthetic medicine practice standards, then your dream can become a reality by training with us.

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