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Botox & Fillers Training For Doctors

Doctors, do long hours working in the NHS leave you exhausted, unsatisfied, and unappreciated? Would you like to apply your years of extensive medical study toward a field where you could not only double your current income, but also make a positive difference in the lives of your patients? If the answer is yes, then read on to find out how Botox courses for aesthetic doctors by the Harley Street Institute can help you pursue a new career in an industry worth more than £2 billion annually.

Doctors are some of the most indefatigable professionals working today. Medical school, training programs and fellowships are never ending and exceedingly competitive. But more often than not, doctors—especially junior doctors—don’t get to work in the field they love. Although most doctors enjoy the work they do, they also want job security and flexibility, which isn’t always present.

Aesthetic medicine offer a great opportunity for doctors to supplement their current work or change fields entirely to become full-time aesthetic doctor. The Harley Street Institute fellowship programme is designed to exceed the latest HEE and GMC guidelines as well as Level 7 offqual requirements to ensure that aesthetic doctors are always ahead of the regulations.

Benefits of Botox and Dermal Filler Training

The financial prospects of aesthetic medicine are very lucrative. The world of facial aesthetics is growing as treatments become more popular and less invasive. The popularity of the treatments increases the number of patients in clinics, and as treatments take less time, doctors are able to see more patients in a day. On average, aesthetic doctors can bill up to £10,000 per month.

NHS practitioners endure long hours, challenging shifts and the results are often not that gratifying. As an aesthetic doctor, you can choose your schedule and have complete autonomy over your career.

Aesthetic doctors are able to add new skills to their repertoire because the field is constantly changing. Treatments and technological advancements are on the cutting edge, so practitioners are always improving their skill set.

You will immediately see the difference you can make in the lives of your patients.Doctors build rapport with patients and meet with them every 3-6 months, following their treatment and care, allowing for a very satisfying and rewarding relationship.

Aesthetic medicine can be a great part-time job for junior doctors who need help paying off their medical school debts. It’s also a great option for senior doctors who are looking to add to their trust grade jobs by either opening up their own practices or working for an already established clinic.

Why Train With The Harley Street Academy

Fully Accredited

We are one of the first institutions in the UK who offer level 7 certification in BBotox and dermal fillers. Doctors who train with us will stand apart with their extensive knowledge and expertise from those who have only followed single day courses.

Expert Trainers

Our courses have been designed by doctors and trainers who are experts in their fields with years of experience.

Meets Government Regulations

In 2016, the government released new requirements for doctors delivering non-surgical procedures. Our training has been designed to meet these requirements and bears in mind all future regulations. You won’t have to be retrained if the industry is regulated again.

Practical Experience

Our training is completely hands-on which simulates the clinical environment with real models for you to practice on. The training will prepare you for your real practice and will teach you how to build a career for yourself.

Training With Our Fellowship

Our fellowship programme is designed to exceed the latest HEE and GMC guidelinesas well as Level 7 offqual requirements to ensure that doctors are always ahead of the regulations

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