Polynucleotides Course

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Polynucleotide Training Course

Course Overview:

Explore our comprehensive Polynucleotide Training Course, designed to equip medical professionals with advanced knowledge and practical skills in administering polynucleotide-based treatments. This course ensures practitioners are proficient in delivering safe and effective polynucleotide therapies for optimal patient outcomes.

Indications for Polynucleotide Therapy in Aesthetic Medicine:

Discover the wide range of aesthetic indications for polynucleotide treatments, including:

Skin Rejuvenation: Polynucleotide therapy can stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture, tone, and elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hair Restoration: Polynucleotide injections can promote hair growth and improve hair density in patients experiencing hair loss or thinning.

Wound Healing: Polynucleotide therapy accelerates the healing process and reduces scarring, making it effective for treating wounds, burns, and surgical incisions.

Scar Reduction: Polynucleotide treatments can minimize the appearance of scars, including acne scars and hypertrophic scars, by promoting tissue regeneration and remodeling.

Course Structure:

Introduction to Polynucleotide Therapy:

Understand the fundamentals of polynucleotide-based treatments, including mechanisms of action, indications, and patient selection criteria.

Injection Techniques:

Learn various injection techniques for administering polynucleotide therapies, including precise placement and dosage considerations.

Safety Protocols:

Master essential safety protocols and best practices to minimize risks and complications associated with polynucleotide treatments.

Hands-On Training:

Gain practical experience through hands-on training sessions guided by experienced instructors to enhance proficiency in administering polynucleotide therapies.

Case Studies and Clinical Insights:

Analyze real-life case studies and clinical insights to deepen understanding of polynucleotide treatments and refine decision-making skills.

Patient Consultation and Aftercare:

Learn patient consultation and aftercare protocols to ensure patient satisfaction and optimize treatment outcomes.

Incorporating Polynucleotide Treatments into Daily Practice:

Explore strategies for integrating polynucleotide therapies into daily practice, including patient education, treatment planning, and follow-up care.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for qualified medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and dentists, seeking to expand expertise in aesthetic medicine and incorporate polynucleotide therapies into practice.


CPD points 

Hamilton Fraser verified 

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate of attendance, recognizing commitment to advancing skills in polynucleotide-based treatments.

Course Summary

Polynucleotide Training Course (12 CPD)

Part 1. Online Modules

Understand aesthetic terminology, ageing process & anatomy, and pharmacodynamics of drugs used in practice.

  • Polynucleotides in Aesthetic Practice
  • Skin Anatomy and Physiology
  • Polynucleotide Chemistry and Mode of Action
  • Polynucleotides Product Details PDRN vs Polynucleotide
  • Indication and Applications of Polynucleotide Treatment
  • Research Evidence and Clinical Trials
  • Patient Education and Communication
  • Advanced Topics and Protocols
  • Practice Integration and Business Considerations

Part 2. Practical Day

Skill development: Intra-dermis injections with needle, and subcutaneous with cannula
  • Client Consultation and Assessment for Polynucleotides
  • Product Discussion, Assessment and Application  
  • Indications for Polynucleotides
  • Needle and Cannula Technique Practice
  • Revision of Protocols
  • Application of Polynucleotide within Practice
  • Business Guidance

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible to attend the Polynucleotide Training Course?

Medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists,  with a valid license to practice are eligible to attend.

What qualifications or prerequisites are required to enroll in the course?

While there are no specific prerequisites apart from above, familiarity with basic aesthetic procedures and medical injection techniques is recommended.

Is there any pre-course material or preparation required?

Participants will be provided with online modules to review before the training begins to help them prepare for the course content.

What is the registration process for the course?

Interested individuals can register online through theharleystreet.com or by contacting the course organizers directly to secure their spot.

Are there any discounts or incentives available for early registration?

Some courses may offer early bird discounts or group rates for participants who register well in advance. Check the course website or contact the organizers for more information.

What is the format of the training sessions?

The course typically consists of a combination of a concise lecture, live demonstrations, hands-on practice sessions, and case studies to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Will there be opportunities for hands-on practice during the course?

Yes, participants will have the opportunity to practice injection techniques on simulated models and live patients under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Are refreshments provided during the training sessions?

Light refreshments and beverages are typically provided during breaks to keep participants energized and focused throughout the day.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions and interact with the instructors?

Yes, participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussions with the instructors to clarify concepts and deepen their understanding of the course material.

What should I bring with me to the training sessions?

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes suitable for practical training. Any additional materials or equipment needed for the course will be provided by the organizers.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes, participants who successfully complete all course requirements, including attendance and assessments, will receive a certificate of completion.

How can I incorporate the skills learned in the course into my practice?

Participants will receive guidance on integrating the newly acquired skills and techniques into their practice, along with resources and support to facilitate implementation.

Is there ongoing support available after the course?

Yes, participants have access to post-course support.

Can I receive continuing education credits for attending the course?

Participants will be eligible to receive continuing professional development education credits.

Are there opportunities for advanced training or specialization after completing the course?

Please contact HSI team for more information on this.

After successfully completing my courses, will there be any career opportunities within the CosmeDocs group?

We are constantly looking for new Aesthetic Practitioners to become part of the Cosmedocs Team. You can ask for information on partnership opportunities to seek professional possibilities.

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