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Aesthetics Training for Nurses

Harley Street Institute

Botox & Fillers Training Course for Nurses

Nurses and midwives are some of the hardest working and lowest paid professionals in the medical field. Although many love their jobs, they also want better job security, higher monthly incomes, shorter hours and recognition for their efforts. If this describes how you are feeling, then read on to discover how the Harley Street Institute can train you to administer Botox and practice aesthetics in a £2 billion industry that is constantly growing.

Nursing professionals are ideal candidates for Botox training. They have the potential to become highly skilled aesthetic practitioners in Botox, dermal fillers as well other aesthetic treatments.  This course is designed for newcomers who want to start new in the industry or are already working in the field and want to learn new skills.

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Botox Nurse Training
filler injecting nurse training
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Why train in the aesthetic field?

Higher Income

It is well-known that the private sector pays well. The income of an aesthetic nurse significantly exceeds that of an NHS nurse. The financial prospects of an aesthetic practice is lucrative; aesthetic nurses can potentially double their current salaries by administering Botox and other fillers regularly.




A career in cosmetic medicine gives you the flexibility to be independent and work the hours and schedule that works best for your lifestyle.



One-to-one patient time

A career in cosmetic medicine allows you to interact with patients on a one-to-one basis. The flexibility of the work allows you to better understand your patients and have continuity and follow-through as they visit you every 3-6 months.



Patient satisfaction

Cosmetic procedures are elective and patient satisfaction levels are high. If you want to see happy, satisfied patients, then you should definitely train yourself in aesthetic medicine.

Why choose Harley Street Institute?

We will advise you even after you graduate

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need advice on new procedures, products or your career. Our dedicated tutors are true mentors who support practitioners before, during and after training is complete.


One of the few Ofqual regulated private courses

Our nurses stand out from the practitioners who have only taken 1-2 day training courses. The reason is that we have developed a full post graduate Level 7 qualification, which is regulated by Ofqual.


Meets the government regulations

In 2016, the government released the requirements for the doctors delivering non-surgical procedures. Our training has been designed to meet these requirements and keeps in mind all future regulations. You won’t have to retrain yourself if the industry is regulated again.


Practical experience

Our training is completely hands-on and simulates the clinical environment with real models for you to practice with. The training will prepare you for your real practice and will also help teach you how to build a career for yourself.



Our training provides the best value and opportunity for practitioners who want to be trained at the newest and highest standards expected in the aesthetic industry.


Courses we are offering

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