Training Programmes

Botox injection into women lips

The aesthetics world can be a daunting move. We will acquaint you with the exciting current possibilities from foundation to advanced level techniques.

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Course Dates & Venues


We have a variety of courses on offer throughout the year based in Harley Street, London. Additional tailor-made, bespoke training is available upon request.

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Frequently Ask Questions


From research to emerging treatments, aesthetics present many career development opportunities. Find out who we train and more about us.

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Courses Booking


All Botox or Dermal filler aesthetic courses available can be booked online, via phone or email. If you have any specific requests, please contact us.

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Aesthetic Medicine Courses by Harley Street Doctors

The foundation of the Harley Street Institute was in response to the growing UK aesthetic market and the demand for certified aesthetic training programs that guide professionals through a supportive, mentored learning curve. The bespoke courses offered by the HSI are designed to provide the best possible aesthetic medical education and confidently prepare practitioners to apply this knowledge when venturing into a new practice or integrating new procedures into an existing clinic.
Botox and dermal filler procedures form the bread and butter of aesthetic medicine and hence a confident knowledge is vital. Though easy to grasp for people who have already undergone rigorous medical training, proper guidance is imperative for a safe and prosperous practice. Most aesthetic treatments such as chemical peels, micro-needling, carboxy therapy and microdermabrasion are very easy to pick up and implement in your practice after a few hours or a day’s training. However, botox and fillers require much more experience than a one day training course with a couple of models. The dynamics of each face and the expectations of individuals vary considerably. Hence, the only sure way to ensure a competent practitioner is practice, practice, practice!

Private clients expect a high standard from the services you provide. Inadequate training and subsequent mistakes will put your name and reputation at immense risk. The online world of reviews, recommendations and referrals is a harsh reality that cannot be erased. Having a strong foundation with experienced guidance will help you avoid common pitfalls.

The key to good practice relies not just on your knowledge and practical skills but on your ability to deal to complaints and manage complications. It is these capabilities that we want to instill in order to make you an excellent aesthetic practitioner.


I consider myself fortunate to be trained at the Harley Street Institute. The training is tough and takes lot of time to understand these in-depth techniques but thanks to the friendly staff at the institute, I not only learned comfortably but also enjoyed my time here. At first, I was like a blank page but now I feel really confident about practising the skills experience I gained from here.

I would personally recommend anyone who’s looking to pursue a course and begin career in the field of cosmetics.

I’m writing this with so much delight that I completed my two training courses from Harley Street Institute. They’re among the best when it comes to training courses for cosmetics. With individual attention and supervision of highly qualified professionals, I really feel I couldn’t choose any better place to learn a new skill. They always ensured that they have models available for eye-lining, lip-lining, eye-brow, blush and all semi-permanent make up procedures. The fee is quite affordable, more than that, it’s worth it.

To be frank, I was too hesitated to apply for a Botox course. I had never heard about Harley Street Institute until I came across its website. I decided to have a go. From the first day of the course to last, I had lots of on-hand experience, and now I’m plying my trade on my very own clients. Overall, it’s been a great experience. The course was fabulous, so many models, the specialized teaching staff was amazing. 100% recommended!