Why Choose Aesthetics

Learn and master aesthetic procedures with confidence!

First Steps

The basics of aesthetic procedures can be easy to learn and master. When starting out, the main difficulties lie in a lack of confidence and experience. It can be exceptionally daunting when faced alone one-to-one with a client for the first time. Knowledge and practice are key, and we are committed to ensuring that you are completely comfortable with performing each procedure. Our hands‐on training will give you the opportunity to work with diverse cases and injection techniques in a busy aesthetic clinic. Aesthetics is not ‘rocket science’ but a high standard of care is crucial, as is treating every client as an individual.

Our teaching techniques are devised to help practitioners gain sufficient knowledge and practise before entering the cosmetic market.

Aesthetics Can Be Very Rewarding

The field of aesthetic medicine is a very rewarding one in terms of professional growth and work-life balance as well as monetary incentives. The level of patient satisfaction with these procedures is usually quite high. However, the number of aesthetic services you offer to your patients and the quality of results obtained is up to you.

Using the latest business models, you can make a good earning with little investment. We hope to guide you in making aesthetics a business opportunity for you.

Aesthetics Within Specialities

Whether you are a GP, Dentist, Neurologist, Paediatrician or Dermatologist, our training programmes can enhance most specialities. Apart from the aesthetic procedures, we train individuals to treat hyperhidrosis, chronic migraine, spastic disorders and bruxism.

Most practitioners find that integrating aesthetics into their current role adds some variety to their everyday jobs. With proper guidance on how you can add aesthetic procedures to your service and cross sell them to your patients without losing your professional image is vital to success.


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